Decorate Your Home with Eco-Friendly Décor and Karastan Area Rugs

Green’s the buzz word of the moment, and it’s no secret that the greener, the better. If you’ve already gone green in lots of ways – you reject plastic bags, use energy efficient light bulbs, recycle your cans, use solar-powered water – consider going green with your home décor as well.

One of the most obvious ways to create a healthy and green environment is to get rid of any synthetic plants and flowers (which collect dust) and bring in real greenery, which can cleanse the air you breathe. Choose lilies, Chinese bamboo or rubber plants, which have glossy leaves that are easy to wipe clean.

Choose natural fabrics wherever possible to decorate your home. Many Karastan area rugs are made with recycled, sustainable and biodegradable materials such as corn-based polymers and carry the CRI Green Label Plus certificate. Wool carpeting is another environmentally friendly option.

For curtains, stay away from polyester and synthetic materials; choose thick organic cotton or 100% linen draperies. Wool plaids, silks and hemp also make good materials for draperies. In the bedroom, stick with cotton sheets or sheets made of bamboo – you’ll be amazed at how luxurious they feel!

When you need to clean your carpeting flooring, be kind to your health and the environment by using homemade cleaners such as vinegar or bi-carbonate of soda to remove stains, rather than toxic detergents.

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